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Study Skills & Learning Strategies: Welcome

Your Study Skills Coordinator

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Gina Koehn
University Library
(306) 966-2738


Study Skills Workshops

Welcome to the Study Skills Resource Guide

This guide can help you study smarter, not harder, while developing your ability to learn.

Learning at university requires a great deal of effort and hard work but developing a few essential study skills/habits can help make your journey easier, more manageable, and much more enjoyable.

Reflect on what it means to study smarter and not harderWill the study skills you learned in high school be sufficient to get you through university? Given the differences between high school and university, what new strategies might you adopt to improve your use of time and learning effectiveness?

This guide uses a reflective model of learning. Each page begins with a set of self-assessment or self-reflective questions to help you get started. Use the questions to take inventory of where you are, then choose learning strategies that suit your own personal learning needs.

Personalize your academic toolkit by adopting learning strategies from the resources linked below:

Learning & Reflection | Time Management | Assignment Planning | Reading & Note Taking
Exam Prep & Writing
| Group Work & Collaboration | Goal Setting & Motivation

For further assistance, please visit the Learning Hub, attend a workshop, book an appointment, or attend a structured study session.