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Study Skills & Learning Strategies: Time Management

Take Inventory of Your Time Management Strategies

We mismanage our time in two ways, by wasting it (procrastinating) or by trying to do too much (poor planning). In this section, think about the strategies you use to manage your time. Ask yourself how well those strategies are working and why.

  • Are you able to effectively review for exams and complete assignments? Consider the 5 Step Study Cycle.
  • Are you able to decide what task to do next? Try using a Priority Matrix.
  • Do you have a time management system/plan? Consider the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Do you schedule enough time for healthy eating, exercise and adequate sleep? Establishing a weekly routine can help.

This interactive survey will help you discover how well you manage your time:

Time Management Survey

Personalize/Plan Your Approach
How did you score on the time management survey? Do your time management strategies enhance, extend and empower your learning? Explore the resource links in the columns below to find strategies you can easily adopt, apply and adapt to your studies.

Strategies that enhance your ability to effectively manage your timeFoc Strategies that extend your ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines Strategies that help you evaluate how effectively you manage your time


15 Time Management Strategies

Calendar Hacks to Help You Manage Your Time

Strategies on How to Avoid Procrastination


Study Smarter, Not Harder (0:58)

How to Create a Weekly Schedule (1:19)


Time Management Tips for Academic Success

Steps for Creating a Weekly Schedule

Study Sessions

Strategic Study Sessions

Use a Calendar

The Calendar in Canvas will have most of your assignment deadlines already entered.

Using Your Canvas Calendar and
Developing a Weekly Routine

Focus & manage your distractions

The Pomodoro Study Technique and
Online Pomodoro Study Timer

Prioritize important tasks

Introduction to University Studies: The Priority Matrix


Time Management Personalities to know yourself better


Healthy Ways to Handle Life's Stressors

How to Turn Off Harmful Stress like a Switch

Self Assess

How you use your 168 hrs in a week? (pdf) (xls - auto calculates)

Self-Assess Your Use of Time (pdf)

Time Management Self Assessment (MIT) 


A Short Guide to Managing Your Time (4:35)

Your Task

Choose time management strategies that enhance your ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines

Reflect on your time management strategies to extend your choice and control, and become an empowered learner

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