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Study Skills & Learning Strategies: Guide Framework

Guide Framework - Personalizing Your Academic Toolkit

Enhance Extend Empower

The framework of this guide is designed to help you enhance, extend and empower your learning.

In each section of the guide, you will find strategies that you can ADOPT, APPLY and ADAPT to your studies:

  • To enhance your experience at university, you are encouraged to adopt learning strategies that are simple but effective in helping you manage your time, complete your assignments, prepare for exams, and so on.
  • To extend your learning, you are encouraged to apply those learning strategies so it becomes easier to accomplish the tasks you are expected to complete.
  • To empower your learning, you are encouraged to assess and adapt your learning strategies for effectiveness within your own profession and career.

The Adopt, Apply, Assess/Adapt framework of this guide is adapted from the 3E Learning Technologies model and is a derivative of work by Keith Smyth, Stephen Bruce, Julia Fotheringham, and Christina Mainka of Edinburgh Napier University, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.