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BibTex and LaTex: Introduction to BibTex

About BibTex

Can you write this in Word?

What is BibTex?

BibTex is a tool and a file format which are used to describe and process lists of references, mostly in conjunction with LaTeX documents.

  • —BibTex stores all references in a plain text database external to a LaTex document.
  • —References in a BibTex database can be cited in a LaTex document
  • Bibliography can be created in many styles
  • —BibTex files have a file extension .bib

More information about BibTex can be found:

General BibTex database entry format:

  FieldName={field content},

A sample BibTex database entry:

  Title      = {Renormalization group determination of the five-loop effective potential for massless scalar field theory},
  Author    = {Chishtie, F.A. and McKeon, D.G.C. and Steele, T.G.},
  Journal    = {Canadian Journal of Physics},
  Year        ={2008},
  Volume    = {86},
  Number   = {4},
  Pages      = {623-627},

Tutorials on Creating BibTex Database

The following is a list of YouTube videos on how to create different types of BibTex entries:

How to create a book entry in BibTex (based on TexStudio)

How to create an article entry in BibTex (based on TexStudio)

How to create BibTex entries using TexStudio's Templates

Books on LaTex