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BibTex and LaTex: JabRef

About JabRef

  • JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager for BibTex
  • Runs on Java VM
  • Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Has graphical interface, making it easy to manage your BibTex database
  • Ability to link to PDF files and web sources
  • Available from

Watch the video on the right to find out how to use JabRef to create BibTex entries.  

Link BibTex Entry to PDF document in JabRef

JabRef allows you to link your BibTex entries to PDF file stored in your computer. To do this, open JabRef, from

Options -- Preferences -- File -- External file links:

In Main file directory, browse to find the directory where you save your PDF files, e. g. C:\LaTex\PDF;

select Autolink only files that match the BibTex key; Click OK.

Note: the name of your PDF file must be identical to the BibTex key in order for JabRef to link to your PDF file.

Next, from Quality -- Synchronize file links -- Autoset file links.


More information about file links in jabRef can be found here

Video: How to Use JabRef

Click the Full Screen button to enlarge the video.