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BibTex and LaTex: LaTex Resources

Install LaTex

Installing LaTex involves two steps:

  • First, you need to install a Tex Distribution, a collection of software that supports the TeX typesetting system (this is required).
  • Second, you need to install a Front End Tex editor (this is optional but recommended). A front end editor will make writing a LaTex document more easily.  

List of Tex Distributions and front end editors for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux:

Tex Distribution for Windows: Front End Tex editor for Windows

Download MikTex / Installation Instruction

Download TeX Live / Installation Instruction

Download TeXstudio

TeXstudio User Manual

Tex Distribution for Mac OS Front End Tex editor for Mac OS
Download MacTex / Installation Instruction

TeXShop (comes with MacTex)

Tips for TexShop

Tex Distribution for Linux  

TeX Live - Instruction for Ubuntu

TeX Live - Instruction for Fedora

Tex Live - Instruction for Others

More information about TeX Live and distros


Tex Resources on the Web by Tex Users Group

Find LaTex Styles

University of Saskatchewan Thesis LaTex Template:

  • Developed by Professor Mark Eramian in the Department of Computer Science
  • Conforms to the College of Graduate Studies and Research Thesis Preparation Guide
  • Suitable for both paper and electronic theses

   Tips for using UofS Thesis Template

  • Default reference style is Plain. If you would like to use another style use this command:


  • If your thesis is to be printed and bound (i.e., wider left margin), use this class:


  • For thesis proposal, use this class:


  • Read the PDF document in the template package for more information

CTAN (The Comprehensive Tex Archive Network):

The primary repository for Tex-related software. CTAN includes thousands of packages. The content of CTAN can be searched or browsed.

Common Writing Style Guides/Files:

LaTex Symbol List

The Comprehensive LaTex Symbol List includes body-text symbols, mathematical symbols, science and technology symbols, dingbats, and many other symbols.

Install Packages

A package is a file or collection of files containing extra LaTeX commands and programming which add new styling features or modify those already existing. There are two main file types: class files with .cls extension, and style files with .sty extension.

See the detailed instructions on how to install a LaTex package on different operating systems from the University of Akron Libraries.