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Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Studies: Home


This is a subject guide for library research in the interdisciplinary area and in support of the programme for Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  It will be of particular use to students and scholars working in ancient, medieval and Renaissance history, English and European literatures, and to those studying manuscripts, book arts, and printing. 

Covering historical, literary, cultural, linguistic and other humanities and social sciences resources, this guide is intended for use by undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and other researchers and is a gateway to the best University Library and open access sources for research in this wide ranging area of study.  Resources held in traditional print or manuscript, as well as those accessible digitally through licence or open access—including books, articles, reviews, images, videos, manuscript and archival collections, are featured within this guide.

The illustration on the left is the home page for Medieval Travel Writing (Adam Matthew Digital), which is part of the University Library’s collections in support of Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Studies. This is an extensive collection of digitized manuscript materials for the study of medieval travel writing in fact and in fantasy from the 13th to the 16th centuries. The license for this digital collection was negotiated by the Canadian Research Knowledge Network for its Digital Content Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Medieval Travel Writing is accessible from the Archival Resources tab in this Research Guide. 

Note: the map in the centre of the collage is World Map by Henricus Martellus (Florence, 1489), and is the map followed by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage across the Atlantic.

For more information and images for medieval maps see: “Introducing Medieval Maps”, courtesy of the British Library.