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Information Literacy Instructional Toolkit: Contribute Your Teaching Resources

Contribute Your Teaching Resources

Inclusion Guidelines

Are you curious if your favorite teaching resource belongs in this toolkit?  Please review the basic inclusion criteria:


While it is ideal to include resources that you have created &/or used in the classroom (first-hand experience is invaluable!), feel free to submit resources that you have not used but perhaps would like to try. 


The content of the resource must be related to one or more information literacy frame(s).

Resource Type

Instructional materials can be various formats and types including lesson plans, classroom activities, videos, slideshows, handouts, webpages, images, and others.


Best practice is to provide attribution on any instructional materials created.  Attribution can range from simply including the creator’s name(s) and date created or can be more formal by using a Creative Commons license.  To aid in creating a more formal attribution, consult the Open Washington’s Attribution Builder.