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USask Library and Archival Resources: Diefenbaker Archives

This guide explains what the Diefenbaker Archives are and how to access them.

Diefenbaker Card Index

The Prime Minister's Office Numbered Correspondence Series represents the first part of the official correspondence that was produced during the Rt. Hon. John G. Diefenbaker's tenure as Prime Minister of Canada from June 1957 to April 1963.

A card index was created for this Series (Series 6), which until recently was only accessible to browse by staff. It has now been digitized and is available here to browse. Please note these digitized microfilm to not contain the correspondence themselves, only an index. If you find reference to a file you would like to see please email us at to make arrangements to view the file. 

Research Potential (from Library and Archives Canada finding aid)

Because the PMO Numbered Correspondence Series touches upon virtually every aspect of John G. Diefenbaker's prime ministerial career, including both his achievements and his defeats, most researchers will find this large and well- organized series a most useful source of information. In addition, the papers shed light on the careers of Diefenbaker's cabinet ministers, senior civil servants, and the provincial premiers of the era, not to mention international relations and the myriad of issues which concerned Canadians during the 1957-1963 period, including four federal elections.

The papers are also valuable from an evidential point of view, documenting as they do, the role played by the many staff members of the Diefenbaker PMO. It is true, however, that some of the most sensitive material from this period of Diefenbaker's career is found elsewhere, primarily in the Private and Confidential Series. Furthermore, as is always the case with a prime minister's official correspondence, much of the material in the Numbered Correspondence files is exceedingly routine. For instance, nearly sixty volumes are devoted to requests for assistance (313.3). Nonetheless, anyone wishing to study the events that shaped the nation and the world during the crucial 1957-1963 period will find the PMO Numbered Correspondence Series a significant source.

The descriptions of the contents of each digitized microfilm reel found below were taken from the Library and Archives Canada Guide for these microfilm.

Thank you to Library and Archives Canada for digitizing the microfilm.

Browse the Card Index

Please note each link will open in a new window, and each file is rather large so they may load slowly.

Index Cards by Name of Correspondent

Aalborg   -   Baltzan, Dr. D.M.  (230 MB)  

Band, James S.   -   Bird, M.  (231 MB)

Bird, A.L.   -   Browne, W.J. Hon.  (246 MB)

Browne, W.J. Hon.   -   Chalkman, Edward M.  (268 MB)

Chalkman, Edward M.   -   Cormier, Antoine J.  (306 MB)

Cormier, Camille   -  Deacey, M.J.  (275  MB)

Deacey, M.J.   -   Donald, Dennis S.  (310 MB)

Donald, Ivor   -   Fairclough, Ellen L. Hon. M.P.  (258 MB)

Fairclough, Ellen L. Hon. M.P.   -   Fox, Paul  (295 MB)

Fox, Paul (Professor)   -   Godwin, H.  (291 MB)

Godwin, Miss Sharon   -   Hagerman, J.A.  (265 MB)

Hagerman, J.A.   -   Heeney, A.D.P.  (271 MB)

Heeney, A.D.P.   -   Inglis, H.F. Dr.  (271 MB)

Inglis, John H.   -   Kessler, Jacques (Dr.)  (255 MB)

Kessler, Jacques (Dr.)   -   Ledieu, Mr. & Mrs. Edouard E.  (273 MB)

Ledingham, D.D. Ltd. Col.   -   MacDonald, T.D.  (255 MB)

MacDonald, T.D.   -   Maharo of Kotah, His Highness  (258 MB)

Maharo of Kotah, His Highness   -   Minifie, James M.  (264 MB)

Minifie, James M.   -   Nicholson, A.S.  (264 MB)

Nicholson A.W.   -   Pearce, Garland, Lieut.  (271 MB)

Pearce, Harold   -   Piper, Ian  (256 MB)

Piper, Ian G.   -   Radrigues, E. (Mrs.)  (264 MB)

Radrigues, E.   -   Sherwood, C.B. (M.L.A.)  (278 MB)

Sherwood, Capt. Edson C.   -   Starr, Michael (Hon.)  (253 MB)

Starr, Michael Hon.   -   Tickner, James A.  (257 MB)

Tickner, John   -   Walker, David J.  (262 MB)

Walker, David J.   -   Woolliams, Eldon (MP)  (276 MB)

Woolliams, Eldon, M.P.   -   Zycan, Reverend, George  (69.7 MB)


Index Cards by Subject

A.A. Men's group - Regina    to    Immigration and Citizenship - New Canadians  (226 MB)

Immigration and Citizenship - New Canadian - Integration Hungarians    to    Social Welfare - Medical Association  (259 MB)

Société d'Agriculture du comte de Kamouraska    to    Zonia International  (56.5 MB)


A Britisher    to    Bingo Games  (256 MB)

Binks & Chilcott    to    Canadian Legion  (265 MB)

Canadian Legion British Empire Service League    to    Claresholm & District Development Corp. Ltd. - Claresholm - Alb.  (273 MB)

Claresholm & District Development Corp. Ltd. Claresholm, Alberta - C.V. Bennett - President    to    Crown Company - Purpose of Studying Methods of increasing learning efficiency  (254 MB)

Crown Corporation    to    Federation of Technical Engineers - American  (225 MB)

Federation of Temple Brotherhood National   to    India - Dried Skim Milk for  (274 MB)

India - Economic Assistance Abroad    to    Lobster - Seasons of fishing  (269 MB)

Lobster Trap    to    Newspaperbay Training bulletin  (254 MB)

Newspaperbay week – national    to    Press Release  (274 MB)

Press Release    to    River, Liard  (238 MB)

River - Mekong (Asia)    to    Star-Toronto  (262 MB)

Star-Toronto-Daily    to    United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America Toronto 2, Ont.  (277 MB)

United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America Toronto, Ont.  (230 MB)