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Workshop and Video Technology

This guide was conceived as an internal resource for the Library to help those presenting and developing content use the various technology in different and effective ways.

WebEx Bug: Students Unable to Connect

Some students are having issues accessing WebEx (Jan 2021+). Students should be connecting to WebEx via (not

It is recommended that students log out and log back into WebEx. Students should clear the web browser's cache if the log out doesn't change anything.

If it's an internet connectivity issue, students should shut-down their web browser tabs and other programs running, and not use their camera.

Please use this ticket number: 271793 if you or the student submits an ITS help desk ticket.


Many of the WebEx recordings are posted on the University Library website and we would like to protect the privacy of our attendees whenever possible.  One of the ways this ‘may’ be possible is to change your WebEx preferences to help ensure the privacy of the participants in the recorded version (i.e. hide names and video).

Start at the USask WebEx website (not the WebEx app).

  1. Select Preferences
  2. Then Recording
    • When the meeting has shared content, select either Focused Content OR Focused content with active speaker, if you prefer to have your video in the corner of the recording
    • When the meeting has no shared content, select either: Focus (basically the camera view of the presenter) OR Blank (no participant video is recorded), where participants will hear the presenter talk but will not see their face
  3. Save


You can save your meeting/workshop to the cloud. It will save it to the WebEx folder of whoever scheduled the meeting. If you accidentally save it to your computer, you can save that file to your OneDrive and share the file with whoever needs it or upload it to Panopto and share it.

Tip - Do not start, stop, and restart recording in the same meeting.  It confuses WebEx and the second recording won't have sound. Just continue recording. Content can be edited out with Quicktime or Panopto. 

There are two different record buttons in WebEx. They both work the same and there doesn't seem to be any difference in the result.


Dealing with Disruptive Participants

ICT has a list of suggestions in their Knowledge Base on how to set up meetings to mute participants, disable screensharing, and how to remove participants who are disruptive.

Scheduling Bug: Reoccurring Meetings

When you schedule recurring meetings and indicate an end date for the final meeting, WebEx doesn't add the final date in your calendar.  ICT has been in contact with WebEx developers and they plan on fixing it in the future. They suggest using an option to have the recurrence end after X amount of meetings.