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Learning with Technology Toolkit: Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies

Do you require assistance translating text into a different language so you can understand your assignments better?

Perhaps you have a visual challenge and prefer to hear the on-screen text spoken back to you.

Immersive Readers can do just that. 'Read and Write' software can make decoding on-screen text much easier. To learn more about immersive readers and how 'read and write' software can help, watch Using Read&Write at University and Microsoft Immersive Reader (also available in Canvas).

Adopt one of these technologies to suit your learning needs

Technologies that enhance your ability to decode on-screen text, translate unfamiliar words, and proof your written work Strategies/Tools that extend your choice and control in different apps and across all platforms Strategies/Technologies that allow you to be self-directed in your learning, helping you to feel empowered and self-confident

Immersive Reader by Microsoft

  • Built-in to Microsoft 365 and Canvas
  • Improves reading and writing
  • Increases fluency in English
  • Offers ways to decode text

Immersive Reader in Word

Immersive Reader for Outlook

Immersive Reader for OneNote

Immersive Reader in Canvas

How and Why we Read

Creating more inclusive and equitable classrooms with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader

Learn, Read and Write more Independently with Microsoft Immersive Reader




Read&Write from TextHelp

  • Free Download with your NSID
  • Reads on-screen text out loud and at any speed
  • Transcribes words as you talk
  • Predicts words with synonyms
  • Includes a built-in dictionary

Visit the Read&Write Software Guide for more information about the benefits of using assistive technologies.


YouTube Playlists


Assistive technology in the library provides access to dedicated spaces, technology, and support for AES students

Using Assistive Technologies

Using Read&Write Software by TextHelp
Remember Your Task

Adopt technologies that help you meet your learning goals and needs

Apply technologies that extend your choice and control

Assess & Adapt technologies for effectiveness in your academic and professional career

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