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Chemistry: Properties

Online Handbooks of Properties

Many of these titles are also available in print.

Search the library catalogue by title to see if we have a print copy.

More Comprehensive Property Information

International Tables for Crystallography

This is the interactive version of the International Tables for Crystallography, and the definitive resource and reference work for crystallography:

We also have the print versions in the Science Library reference collection:

ThermoDex Finding Aid

Looking for hard-to-find or obscure property information? ThermoDex may be able to help suggest a source!

ThermoDex is a "finding aid" designed to save you time in searching through numerous handbooks you might have in your library or lab. It enables you to enter both a type of compound and a property, and it returns a list of handbooks that might contain these data. The actual data are not reproduced in ThermoDex.

Important: The University of Texas (Austin) created this finding aid. Please check the USask library catalogue to see if we have a copy of the handbook you need!

Online Resources for Properties

These are some great free resources on the internet for chemical property information:

Chemical Identifiers

Substances often have a variety of names/synonyms and formulae. The most accurate ways to search are by structure, or the CAS Registry Number of the substance. Try these tools to look up the CAS RN of the substance, structure, and other synonyms to search by.

Chemical Terminology

This is a link to the interactive version of IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology, informally known as the Gold Book:

Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry ("The Blue Book")

Also freely available online: