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Microforms at the Murray Library: Find Microforms

Physical Locations

Physically, most microforms are located in the microform area on the 2nd floor of Murray Library. Some microfiche and microprints also reside in the Government Publications area on the 2nd floor of Murray Library.

Microfiche are separated into five main areas:

  • Library of Congress (LC) classification
  • the CIHM collection
  • Human Relations Area File
  • Canadian Company Information, includes Can-Fil, Insider, Consumer and Corporate Affairs (CCA), and Corporate Integrated Information System (CIIS/SIIC)
  • Canada government documents (in the Government Publications area, 2nd floor Murray Library)
  • United States government documents

Microfilm are separated into three main areas:

  • RG-10/RG-15 - Record Group 10 and RG-15 are collections of manuscript government records, held in the National Archives of Canada, for Indian Affairs Branch and the Department of the Interior respectively. RG-10 comprises chiefly correspondence between Indian Agents and the Indian Affairs office in Ottawa. RG-15 comprises material from the Department of the Interior, including in particular Métis scrip material.
  • Newspapers - organized alphabetically
  • Library of Congress (LC) classification

Opaque (Microprint & Microcard) can be found:

  • included within Library of Congress microfilm & microfiche
  • in United States government publications 

Searching for Microforms

Online sources:

Print sources:

  • some Microforms include print guides, indexes, etc. These are located in the Maps & Microforms area on the 2nd floor
  • RG 10/15 : Research Guide - this printed guide is available on the RG-10/RG-15 microfilm cabinet on the 2nd floor and the 4th floor,  E92 .R47 2004