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Microforms at the Murray Library: Scanner/Printers & Readers

Microform Readers - 2nd floor Murray Library

Microform readers are available in the Maps & Micro area on the 2nd floor of Murray Library.

If assistance is required ask at the Research Help Desk on 1st floor.

On the second floor we have:

  • 3 microfilm readers
  • 1 microfiche readers
  • 1 opaque (microprint/card) reader

Note: As of March 2020, in-person library services are unavailable. To request a scan of an item in microfilm, please follow the instructions on our Scan and Send service page. Requests for micro scanning must be within Canadian copyright parameters. Due to staffing limitations and the time required to scan microfilm, please keep requests to a reasonable size.

General Information

General Details:

  • ask for assistance at the Ask Us Desk on the 1st floor of the Murray Library if required
  • SCANNER/PRINTERS are available on the 1st floor. Two require NSID login & one is available to the public (no login required)
  • READERS are on the 2nd floor


  • accept microfilm & microfiche
  • print to 1st floor CPAS printers (NSID account). Both printers can do black and white (BW) and colour. Choose the correct option based on the name of the printer.
  • save to USB or Cabinet drives as .pdf or image files

Public Use SCANNER/PRINTER Details:

  • accepts microfilm, microfiche & opaque (microprint/card)
  • print to Check-out Desk on the Ground Floor ($0.10/page, black and white only)
  • save to USB drive as .pdf or image file

Using Microform Scanner/Printers - 1st floor Murray Library

Instructional Videos:

  • Printing/saving details in videos to the right may differ from actual use
  • Instructional videos to the right are "using ScanPro 1000 PC at the Newton Free Library in Newton, Massachusetts", uploaded by srfeldy on Feb 8, 2009

Print Guides

How to Load & Rewind Microfilm

Using Microfilm [NOTE: print/save details may differ]

How to Load Microfiche

Using Microfiche [NOTE: print/save details may differ]