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Microforms at the Murray Library: Scanner/Printers & Readers

General Information

General Details:

  • ask for assistance at the Ask Us Desk on the 1st floor of the Murray Library if required
  • SCANNER/PRINTERS are available on the 1st floor. Two require NSID login & one is available to the public (no login required)
  • READERS are on the 2nd floor


  • accept microfilm & microfiche
  • print to 1st floor CPAS printers (NSID account). Both printers can do black and white (BW) and colour. Choose the correct option based on the name of the printer.
  • save to USB or Cabinet drives as .pdf or image files

Public Use SCANNER/PRINTER Details:

  • accepts microfilm, microfiche & opaque (microprint/card)
  • print to Check-out Desk on the Ground Floor ($0.10/page, black and white only)
  • save to USB drive as .pdf or image file

Using Microform Scanner/Printers - 1st floor Murray Library

Instructional Videos:

  • Printing/saving details in videos to the right may differ from actual use
  • Instructional videos to the right are "using ScanPro 1000 PC at the Newton Free Library in Newton, Massachusetts", uploaded by srfeldy on Feb 8, 2009

Print Guides

How to Load & Rewind Microfilm

Using Microfilm [NOTE: print/save details may differ]

How to Load Microfiche

Using Microfiche [NOTE: print/save details may differ]