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Microforms at the Murray Library: Scanner/Printer Problems & Solutions

Getting Started Q&A

Can someone help me?
   Yes - ask for assistance at the Research Help Desk on the 1st floor of Murray Library.

Are instructions available?
   Yes - see the video tutorials and print guides on the Scanner/Printers & Readers page.

What software do I use to run the scanner?
   Use the PowerScan 2000 red logo with an "E", available on the desktop or from the start menu.

I get a message that the software/computer can't find the scanner.
   Check that the scanner is on (green power light on the front of the scanner). If not, turn power on. The switch is located at the back of the scanner, roughly center and near the bottom.

Using the Scanner Q&A

After loading microfilm the movement controls don't work.
   Manually roll the film on the right-side wheel a few turns and try again.

I'm moving the scanner tray but not seeing any movement on the screen.
   Close the PowerScan program and open it again.

What does ______ button do?
   Hovering the cursor over a button will display its name.
   Clicking on the Help [green arrow & yellow question mark] button and then the desired button to display a Help description for that button.

When I rotate the image [using the Rotate Digital button] it only uses half the screen.
   Click the Film Orientation [camera] button to see the full screen again.

Loading Microform Q&A

How do I load microfilm?
   Start by opening the PowerScan program. Next pull the tray all the way towards you, lifting the top glass plate. A guide will appear on the screen showing the method and direction to load film. See a helpful video on the Scanner/Printers & Readers page.

After loading microfilm the movement controls don't work.
   Manually roll the film on the right-side wheel a few turns and try again.

Printing Q&A

There are four printers to choose from. Which one should I use? [NSID scanners]
   Two printers will have the letters BW in their names. These are the black and white options at $0.10/page. The other two have the word COLOUR and will print at $0.25/page. Printer #1 is located beside Room 134, while printer #2 is closer to the IT Support Service Desk.

Where does the Public Use scanner print to? [Public scanner]
   It prints to the Check-out Desk on the Ground Floor. Stop at the desk to pick up and pay for your print jobs.

How much does printing from the Public Use scanner cost? [Public scanner]
   $0.10/page. Only black and white is available.


Saving Q&A

How do I save more than one scan to a single PDF file?
   When saving the first page, in the "Save as type:" drop-down box change "PDF" to "PDF (multipage)". A small window will appear in the lower left of the screen displaying a page count and a "Finish" button. Continue to save new pages with the save button and click "Finish" on the small window to save/complete the file.

I saved a file to the computer. Where did it save? [NSID scanners]
   By default the scanners save to your Cabinet drive, in the My Documents folder.