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Government Information - Canada: Statutes & Regulations, Case Law

About this page

Statutes, regulations, and bills  are available in print in the Murray Library and the Law Library. Online versions are available for current versions.  Superceded versions are only available online going back about twenty years.  For assistance email

Key titles

Statutes and Regulations

Legislative Histories

Legislative histories provide details on the passage of legislation through a parliament or legislature.  Legislation is introduced as a bill; once a bill is  is passed and recieves Royal Assent, it becomes a statute.   A legislative history will linclude details on the progress of a bill through the House of Commons and the Senate, including readings, debates, and committee hearings.  A history may also refer to speeches and news releases from the responsible minister, background documents, and on occasion, draft legislation. To start, determine the date and/or parliament and session the bill was introduced,

 Your starting point for Canadian federal legislative histories is LEGISINFO.

To read a current version of Canadian federal law, go to the Canada Justice Laws website. To locate amendments consult the Table of Public Statutes

Consult also online newspapers and online collections such as the Canadian Electronic Library. Use other library resources listed under the Find Articles tab.