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  Placing Items on Reserve

To place an item on reserve just follow the simple instructions here Books on Reserve

College of Medicine Teaching Image Service

From the TIS website:  "The Teaching Image Service was created as a simple and legal source for professional grade images for teaching in undergraduate medicine. Faculty have access to royalty-free, copyright cleared images at no charge. These images are cleared to be used for distributed education, print handouts, posting online, course handouts etc…. Please note this service is free for teaching UGME purposes only. Images for other purposes are at cost."

Click here to access this website.

Why Include Library Instruction in Your Class?

The Health Sciences Library offers a range of instruction sessions for students  can assist students by: helping them develop well-thought out research questions; ensuring that high-quality sources are being used for research papers and presentations; making sure that students are properly citing the material they use; demonstrating that there is someone to go to for questions; and more!  Sample topics include:Labs

  • Forming a research question
  • Searching for journal articles in databases (e.g., Medline, Scopus, Pubmed)
  • Searching for grey literature
  • Using citation management programs (Endnote, etc)
  • Copyright
  • and more!

To arrange for a library instruction session contact your liaison librarian.


"Copyright simply means, the right to copy. It gives the exclusive legal right to the author or creator of an original work to decide how or when that work is used. If you are not the author or creator of the work(s), you will need permission to use it" (  Please see this Copyright Guide for more information.

Have copyright questions?  Can't find what you're looking for?  Contact the Copyright Coordinator at for more information.

Copyright Compliant Access to PDFs for Teaching  

You cannot post copies of copyrighted material online for your students, but you can post links to licensed materials purchased by the Library.  To find information on how you can find, edit and insert permanent links from the Library's electronic resources directly into your course pages, Word and PowerPoint documents, emails, etc. check out this help page (

Research Metrics

Research metrics measure the impact of scholarly works.  See the  "Research Metrics" guide to learn more about :

  • how research metrics measure the impact of scholarly works.
  • metrics that have been developed to track the impact of individual articles, authors, and journals, etc.
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Do you have an idea for a book, journal or resources that may be helpful to students, faculty, or a specific class?  To suggest an item for the library to purchase, fill out the Recommend a Purchase Form!