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Veterinary Medicine: Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

The Library subscribes to a number of standards relevant to veterinary medicine, from ACGIH, ACI, ASHRAE, CLSI, CSA, ISO, and NRC. 

These standards can be accessed from the library website under 'Search the Library > Databases (A to Z list) > TechStreet Enterprise'.

CLSI standards subscribed to include:

Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology:

C49 - Analysis of body fluids in clinical chemistry, 2nd edition

C56-A - Hemolysis, Icterus, and Lipemia/Turbidity Indices as Indicators of Interference in Clinical Laboratory Analysis; Approved Guideline

EP28-A3cS - Defining, Establishing, and Verifying Reference Intervals in the Clinical Laboratory; Approved Guideline, Third Edition

Evaluation Protocols:

EP24-A2 - Assessment of the Diagnostic Accuracy of Laboratory Tests Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves; Approved Guideline - Second Edition

General Laboratory Practices:

GP16-A3 - Urinalysis; Approved Guideline - Third Edition

GP20-A2 - Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) Techniques; Approved Guideline

GP39-A6 - Tubes and Additives for Venous Blood Specimen Collection; Approved Standard - Sixth Edition

GP44-A4 - Procedures for the Handling and Processing of Blood Specimens for Common Laboratory Tests; Approved Guideline - Fourth Edition

H42-A2 - Enumeration of Immunologically Defined Cell Populations by Flow Cytometry; Approved Guideline - Second Edition

M58-ED1 - Methods for the Identification of Cultured Microorganisms Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry


H20-A2 - Reference Leukocyte (WBC) Differential Count (Proportional) and Evaluation of Instrumental Methods; Approved Standard - Second Edition

H26-P2 - Validation, Verification, and Quality Assurance of Automated Hematology Analyzers; Proposed Standard - Second Edition

H30-A2 - Procedure for the Determination of Fibrinogen in Plasma; Approved Guideline

H43-A2 - Clinical Flow Cytometric Analysis of Neoplastic Hematolymphoid Cells; Approved Guideline - Second Edition

H52-A2 - Red Blood Cell Diagnostic Testing Using Flow Cytometry; Approved Guideline - Second Edition


VET06-Ed1 - Methods for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Infrequently Isolated or Fastidious Bacteria Isolated from Animals, 1st Edition

VET09-Ed1 - Understanding Susceptibility Test Data as a Component of Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterinary Settings