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Indigenous Films: Home

A listing of Indigenous films and information from the University Library catalogue and other online databases.


Film is a popular and pervasive form of contemporary storytelling. It allows writers and directors to share their ideas, their stories in a highly accessible and visual form. Film allows us to communicate with large audiences over great distances, across national and cultural boundaries. 

In his film Reel Injun, Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond explores how the myth of the film "Indjun" has affected the world's (mis)understandings of Indigenous peoples, and how a growing presence of Indigenous filmmakers is changing the way that Indigenous peoples and cultures are being represented in film.

This guide will walk you through the process of finding and accessing a variety of Indigenous films in the University of Saskatchewan's library catalogue, and in other online sources such as the National Film Board of Canada and Films on Demand.


If you have suggestions of films or resources to be added to this guide, please contact Deborah Lee, Indigenous studies and community initiatives librarian, or Sheila Laroque, Indigenous studies librarian. 

Film as Storytelling