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Indigenous Films: National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

A listing of Indigenous films and information from the University Library catalogue and other online databases.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

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The National Film Board of Canada's site offers access to over 3000 Canadian productions; among these are hundreds of films produced by Indigenous people in Canada.


There are a few different ways to explore the NFB site:

  • By Searching: the first option on the sidebar menu is a search function that will allow the user to search the NFB catalogue by title, filmmaker, subject or other key word.
  • By Side Bar Menu selections: the side bar menu offers four different categories, Films, Documentary, Animation, Interactive and Education. Once you've selected one of the categories you will be presented with additional options for further limiting your search.
  • By Channel: The NFB has created a number of "channels" on their site and and there is one that is dedicated exclusively to Indigenous Peoples of Canada.
  • By Director: You can also chose to search to the NFB database by Director and you will be taken to an alphabetical list of directors whose films are in the database.

Additionally, you can browse the National Film Board's Catalogue by General Subject, School Subject, or explore a number of curated Playlists.