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Indigenous Films: Other Resources

A listing of Indigenous films and information from the University Library catalogue and other online databases.



Other Resources

In addition to the library catalogue and the databases explored in the previous pages, there are a number of online places that you can look for Indigenous films and information about them.


Free, Non-Library Resources: there are several organizations and agencies that participate in the production and/or distribution of Indigenous films. Independent Television channels, school boards, arts councils and agencies are all potential sources for material, we've included a page that lists some of these resources, but there are always more places to look. 


Online Catalogues and lists: From film festivals to culture critics, many agencies and individuals produce lists and catalogues that can help with your hunt for the perfect film. Often times, a basic Google search will turn up a number of these ever changing lists.


Festivals, Foundations and Agencies: There are some number of film festivals, both in Canada and abroad, that feature Indigenous films from around the world. There are also film foundations that help to create and promote Indigenous films