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Indigenous Films: Finding films in the USask Catalogue

A listing of Indigenous films and information from the University Library catalogue and other online databases.

The Language of Searching

Exploring a library catalogue for new resources can take some doing. This section is intended to help with that process by providing a few search strategies.


  • Indigenous resources can be difficult to search via key word because of the way that those key words have changed over time. While it may feel uncomfortable to use language that has come to be considered disrespectful, if you are not finding what you are looking for, try using synonyms and archaic words for the topic, or subject.


  • For resources relating to Indigenous peoples of North America generally, try these terms:
    • Indigenous Peoples
    • Aboriginal Peoples
    • Native Americans
    • Native North Americans 
    • Canadian Native Peoples
    • Indians of North America
    • Autochones (French)


  • You can also search using terms for specific nations or cultural groups, for example:
    • First Nations
    • Métis
    • Innuit
    • Eskimos
    • Ojibwa
    • Cree
    • Blackfoot/Blackfeet
    • Salish 


  • You may also find that you need to limit your search by adding the word Canada to the search terms. Searching for "Aboriginal Peoples," for example, will yield a results list that includes records for resources from Australia. 


Use the Subject Headings:

  • Find the library record of a resource that you are already using, or have found through searching, and scroll down until you find the linked subject heading. Clicking on one of these heading will generate a list of resources from the catalogue that have been labeled with that subject heading. Using the search limiters on the left hand side of the results list you can then further limit your search to "Audio Visual Materials."