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Indigenous Films: Films on Demand

A listing of Indigenous films and information from the University Library catalogue and other online databases.

Films On Demand

log of Films on Demand

Films on Demand is a database of films subscribed to by the University of Saskatchewan. There are a number of very good resources here, but you must be signed into you library account in order to access them. To use Films on Demand:

  • begin by going to the University Library homepage and then signing into your library account through the link in the top left corner.
  • once you are signed in you can use the link on this page to open films on demand, or your can select the "Articles and Databases" tab on the USearch box and search for Films on Demand.
  • Once you have the site open, you can search it in a manner very similar to searching the University's catalogue.


Searching Films on Demand:

  • There is a search box in the header of the Films on Demand Site, and below that box a link to an Advanced Search page.
  • Search the database using keywords, film titles, or directors.
  • Use the filters on the right-hand side of your results list to further limit your search.
  • Once you've found a film that you are interested in, you can use the tags on that film's record to find similar materials.