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JumpStart Your Learning Tutorial: Test Your Perceptions

Complete the Poll

The following poll statements are about the perceptions people have of learning at university.
Complete the poll to see how your perceptions compare to the perceptions of others.

Click  after each question to see the poll results.

Please note: This is not a quiz. It doesn't matter if you get the answer right or wrong. If you are unsure, click the Don't Know button and follow the link to learn more.

Test Your Perceptions

On average, students experience a 20% drop in their marks from High School to University.
Agree: 214 votes (82.31%)
Disagree: 25 votes (9.62%)
Don't Know: 21 votes (8.08%)
Total Votes: 260

Marks in the high sixties or low seventies are considered respectable, particularly at the first year level.
Agree: 193 votes (79.1%)
Disagree: 41 votes (16.8%)
Don't know: 10 votes (4.1%)
Total Votes: 244

Students should focus less on their grades and more on learning the material. As your academic skills improve, so will your grades.
Agree: 867 votes (93.33%)
Disagree: 32 votes (3.44%)
Don't know: 30 votes (3.23%)
Total Votes: 929

Academic advisors are available throughout the year to help you choose your program, major, and even your classes.
Agree: 838 votes (92.39%)
Disagree: 38 votes (4.19%)
Don't know: 31 votes (3.42%)
Total Votes: 907

Successful students treat studying at university as they do a full time job. For this reason, building a daily/weekly schedule, and sticking to it, is of utmost importance.
Agree: 824 votes (90.55%)
Disagree: 50 votes (5.49%)
Don't know: 36 votes (3.96%)
Total Votes: 910

There are more first year students than in any other year so you can expect to find yourself in classes of 100 or more students.
Agree: 802 votes (87.84%)
Disagree: 74 votes (8.11%)
Don't know: 37 votes (4.05%)
Total Votes: 913

Writing essays in university is different than writing essays in high school.
Agree: 195 votes (88.64%)
Disagree: 13 votes (5.91%)
Don't know: 12 votes (5.45%)
Total Votes: 220

Using Google Scholar is better than just Google for university level research but learning how to use the university library is preferred.
Agree: 183 votes (85.92%)
Disagree: 4 votes (1.88%)
Don't know: 26 votes (12.21%)
Total Votes: 213

Successful students are skilled help-seekers. They have conquered their fear of asking for help and know why, when and who to ask for help.
Agree: 201 votes (93.93%)
Disagree: 5 votes (2.34%)
Don't Know: 8 votes (3.74%)
Total Votes: 214

Learning in high school focuses on memorizing information while learning at university focuses on analysis and synthesis of the information in order to make broader connections between all the material you learn.
Agree: 827 votes (92.3%)
Disagree: 31 votes (3.46%)
Don't know: 38 votes (4.24%)
Total Votes: 896

Bloom's Taxonomy can help us understand how learning at university is assessed.
Agree: 117 votes (52.7%)
Disagree: 5 votes (2.25%)
Don't Know: 100 votes (45.05%)
Total Votes: 222

Source: Statements are adapted from 'Shifting Expectations', Student Learning Services, University of Saskatchewan.