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JumpStart Your Learning Tutorial: Identify your Course Requirements/Expectations

The Syllabus

  At the end of this section, you should be able to identify what is required of you in a course.

One way to begin to prepare for the term ahead is to read the syllabus for each course. The syllabus outlines what is expected of you in a course. If you are unaware of what a syllabus is, see What is a Syllabus and Why is it Important? This article is geared toward international students but contains valuable information for everyone. As it states,

"Your syllabus will help you: 

  • Meet deadlines
  • Be prepared for class
  • Understand assignments
  • Know how you will be graded
  • Manage your time
  • Stay organized
  • Connect with professors and classmates"

Understanding the Syllabus

The activity below is to help you become more acquainted with what a syllabus is and how it can help you prepare. Note that not all syllabi (the plural form of syllabus) are the same, so you'll need to carefully read all of them to know what each of your professors expects of you and your classmates. Let's look at a sample below. Skim the 2019 Biology 120 Syllabus and answer the questions that follow.