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JumpStart Your Learning Tutorial: Summary


We hope you are excited to begin your first classes here at USask. We encourage you to continue to reflect on how you participate in your own learning and contribute to your scholarly community as you continue through your degree.

When you get your first set of grades back, head to the University’s Understanding Your Grades page to see what those grades tell you about your level of performance. Don't be too disappointed with yourself if you aren't doing as well as you anticipated; it is very common to experience a dip in grades or in overall performance as you adjust to new expectations. Instead, try to find where you can improve for the next set of assessments. If you’re not sure how to proceed, reach out to your professor, TA, a classmate, or the Learning Hub for guidance while you determine what learning strategies work best for you.

When doing assignments or preparing for exams, try to determine if you are being assessed on your ability to remember and understand or your ability to analyze and evaluate. Take a moment to review the following video, which summarises the different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy using a concrete example.

Source: "Bloom’s Taxonomy: Structuring The Learning Journey" by Sprouts and is licensed through YouTube

Finally, before you hit send on an email to an instructor, take the time to make sure you’ve written a professional communication that will help your instructor help you more easily. Now, why not test your knowledge with the short quiz on the next page. If you found this helpful, try the Remote Learning Readiness Tutorial and keep your eyes peeled for future modules in this series.