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JumpStart Your Learning Tutorial: Growth Mindset and the Power of "Yet"

Carol Dweck at TEDxNorrkoping

In the previous video, Angela Duckworth mentions that the best way to build grit is to adopt a growth mindset. So, what is a growth mindset and why is it important? In this video, psychologist Carol Dweck describes her research about the traits that lead to academic success. 

Again, this video can be watched at at least 1.5 times the speed  and includes questions to test your understanding at regular intervals. You cannot skip ahead but you can rewind in ten-second intervals .

Which Way Do You Lean?

In the last video question, you experienced the power of 'yet' when adopting a growth mindset. The following interactive quiz will help you to determine which way you lean.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset Interactive Quiz

As you reflect on your mindset, jot down some ideas about how you overcome difficulties.

In your endeavours to become a successful academic scholar:

  • how does having a growth mindset help you?
  • how might having a fixed mindset hinder you?
  • can the power of 'yet' help you turn struggles into challenges?