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JumpStart Your Learning Tutorial: Summary and Final Reflection

Revisit Your Vision

At the beginning of this module, you were asked to make a mental note of your ideal academic self.

How has the information presented in this module shifted your perception? Will a growth mindset, grit, or resilience feature in the image of your ideal academic self?

If you were to share your learning journey with others to help them succeed, what will your defining moments communicate -- struggles or challenges, perseverance or fear, resilience or surrender?

From the research conducted by Angela Duckworth, Carol Dweck and others, it is evident that grit, resiliency and a growth mindset are intertwined characteristics that the most successful students share.

At university, you will encounter many challenges. The research we've covered in this module suggests that our talents are not static. By exercising our agency with determination and effort we can develop and improve our talents. Adopting a growth mindset and becoming more resilient can help us to overcome difficulties and persevere in the face of adversity.

When things get tough, remember you are capable of increasing your intelligence. Reflect on your GRIT plan. Exercise your agency and be the best academic scholar you can be?

To consolidate your GRIT plan with what you have learned in this module, complete the final reflection exercise below. Note: You must complete this final reflection if you wish to obtain the proof-of-completion certificate.

Your GRIT Plan