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Composition Studio: Cubase

Getting Started with Cubase in the CompS

If you see a window pop up that says “Updates Available - Do you want to restart to install...” - always click on "Later" and then - "Remind me tomorrow".  Do not attempt to update. 

Before opening Cubase – plug in your personal USB storage device into the User Storage Hub, create a folder and name it Cubase Compositions. Then, click on the red and white Cubase icon.

Cutbase icon red circled on a mac dock.

The Steinberg Hub will open –  choose Prompt for project location is selected then click on Create Empty. 

Cubase - showing how to open Steinberg Hub.

Cubase will open a window for you to choose a storage folder.  Choose the folder on your USB storage device that you have set up for Cubase compositions 

Cutbase - locating folder for storage

After selecting your storage folder the Cubase Pro Project screen will appear.

Cutbase - showing project screen.

Cutbase - showing detail of project screen.

To add your first track – click on the small plus sign  +  

Select an instrument(s) from the drop down – you can select a number of instrument sample players or syths.

Sound Choices

Kontakt – Spitfire Orchestra, Swing More, Voxos Choirs, Joby Percussion, The Gentleman upright piano, or West African drums.

Keyscape – For a wide variety of keyboard sounds.

Ample Bass U  – For an acoustic upright bass. 

You can click on other sound sources as well, but these are the recommended sounds for starting out.  

Then click on Add Track. 

At any time – you can return to the instrument screen by clicking on the VSTi tab near the top right of the screen and then clicking the e button (edit instrument) 

Cubase - return.


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