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Composition Studio: Sustain pedal on keyboard

Sustain pedal not working

The keyboard can “forget” which function the pedal port has been programmed for. This is not caused by the polarity switch on the bottom of the pedal. To solve the problem you can watch the video below, or follow the instructions given.

The Video Sustain Petal KOMPLETE KONTROL. The first 1:20 seconds demonstrates the fix.


Click on the mac Finder at bottom left - then click on "Applications" and then double click to open "KOMPLETE KONTROL"

Click on the MIDI icon at the top-right of KOMPLETE KONTROL and select the PEDALS tab. Location of Pedal button

Click Pedal A and set the Mode to Switch. 

Location of Switch button

Set your pedal's connectivity type to either Tip or Ring, depending on the physical characteristics of your sustain pedal connector. This is important to ensure that the full VALUE range is interpreted correctly by the KOMPLETE KONTROL software. Please consult your sustain pedal's documentation for more info. 

Click Tip and set Number to MIDI CC# 64. 

Set the Type to Ctrl Change. 

Set the MIDI Channel to 1. 

Set Mode to Gate. 

Location of Mode and Gate

Make sure the values are set from 0 (off) -127 (on) 

All should be good to go now. 

These directions are from: How to Configure Sustain / Expression Pedals on KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards   Note: Select S-Series MK2/A-Series/M32 if viewing the website - skip to step 4.

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