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Composition Studio: Notation Software

Notation Software

Notation Software - If you prefer to compose in a standard music notation environment, notation software may be your first choice.  Notation software is best for writing in full-score format and preparing scores and parts for conductors and musicians.  Although you can use midi playback to hear different instruments - it is not the same quality as when high-end instrument samples libraries are used within a DAW.  CompS offers four notation programs to choose from.

Note: Midi data from either DAW or Notation software can be imported and exported into each other.  It is not uncommon for a composer to start in one composing environment to accomplish one goal and then move that data into another - to accomplish a different goal.


Finale 26 

Finale 26: Review & What's New 

Scoring Notes Website: Finale 


Help Resources for Finale 26



Sibelius has learning tutorials available immediately upon opening the software 

Scoring Notes Website: Sibelius

Sibelius Manual



Scoring Notes Website: Dorico

YouTube: Dorico 3.5

5 Minute Beginner Tutorial Video – Guy Michelmore 

Film Composer Alan Silvestri and Dorico, Kontakt etc

Dorico Manual



While we encourage you to try the more powerful notation software, we recognize that MuseScore is a popular choice as it is quite powerful and is open-source.  Students can export the midi data from their MuseScore pieces and open them in another DAW or notation program. 



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