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Composition Studio: Terms of Use

Terms of Use for CompS

  1. This is NOT a Study Room. This room is not to be booked for studying or other group work. It is a studio for students or staff working on music projects. 
  2. This space is an electronic music space.  It is NOT an acoustic recording environment for recording live acoustic instruments (i.e. no microphones)   It is for electronic music making only.  Additional personal electric instruments such as bass guitar, electric guitar, and keyboards may be recorded directly through the USB audio interface only (no microphones or amps).  
  3. Monitoring is to be done with headphones only (No speakers). (Two sets of headphones are available for collaboration work).  
  4. Projects must be saved to the users own USB storage device.   
  5. No food or drink allowed in this room.   
  6. The equipment, software and sample libraries are for the purpose of student learning, experimentation and creative investigation - and not to be used for professional or commercial use.  
  7. It is up to the user to take advantage of the linked demos and tutorials to learn how to use it.  Learning and navigating hardware, sample libraries, DAWs and notation programs can be challenging, but also rewarding. Sharing your knowledge with other students or colleagues will help to make this facility a great success.   Depending on feedback, there may be occasional scheduled sessions on a variety of relevant topics.  
To book this room, click here. 

Don’t forget to bring your own USB storage device


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