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Composition Studio: Composing with a DAW

Composing with DAW

Composing with a DAW – learning resources 

General Video Channels 

Think-Space Education with film composer/educator Guy Michelmore (UK) (was Logic user – switched to Cubase – fan of Dorico as well)  

Anne-Katherin Dern: Composer for film/TV/Video Games (LA) (Cubase user) 

Alex Moukala: Orchestral Music Tutorials  - These are his older videos concentrating on orchestral music composition with a DAW  

D.I.D. Choi: Composer and Musician (Logic User) 

Spitfire Audio – although this link also belongs on the Sample Libraries page, the breadth of topics here is vast – from libraries to composers to software and equipment  

Selected videos : to inspire and awe 

How to Orchestrate Classical music in a DAW- Recreating Mozart's Lacrimosa (with Dom Sigales on his Cubase Channel) 

Rite of Spring videos: 

High quality mockup of Stravinski’s The Rite of Spring rendered in Cubase.


 8-bit Rite of Spring – watch this after the one above for a good laugh.


The Rite of Spring in comparative render between Spitfire BBC VS Symphonic Series + Chamber & Solo Strings 


 7 Essential Techniques for Better Orchestral Samples – with Guy Michelmore.




Brigerton/Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition

See the winner, runner-ups, and Brigerton's composer own scoring session.


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