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Composition Studio: Introduction to CompS

What is the Composition Studio?

The Composition Studio (CompS), located in the Education/Music Library, features state-of-the-art hardware and software for the modern composer.  This includes a full-size midi keyboard, music-making software and instrument sample-libraries. These tools facilitate multiple ways to compose, arrange and orchestrate your music.  Use CompS to prepare scores and parts or render instrumental recordings with a high degree of realism.  For everything from low-fi beats - to jazz ensembles - to full-blown cinematic film scores - CompS has the right tools for the job. 

How to access the room


Map of campus. Education Building circled, with inset of second floor of Education Building, arrows to Composition Studio in Education and Music Library.

The Composition Studio is located in the Education and Music Library.  It is to the right of the main doors and is room number 2008.3.


All computer equipment and music hardware is property of the Library and must remain in Rm 2008.3.

No food or drink is permitted in this space.

Please remember: save your work to your own usb storage device and close all programs before you log out of the computer.  

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