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This subject guide is for library research in the literatures, literary criticism and philology of English. The guide primarily covers resources for research on Canadian, English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Commonwealth, and American literatures originally in English, as well as works and criticism of English language literary authors from other countries. It also covers philology as related to the English language—that is, the study of literary texts and written records, the establishment of authenticity and original form, and the determination of meaning.

Intended for use by undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and other researchers, the guide is a gateway to the best University Library and open access sources for research in the discipline. Resources held in traditional print, as well as those accessible digitally through licence or open access—including books, articles, reviews, images, videos, manuscript and archival collections, are featured within.

CHAUCERS CANTERBURY PILGRIMS: copper engraving by William Blake.   Inscribed under the title: “Painted in Fresco by William Blake & by him Engraved and Published October 8 1810, at No 28 Corner of Broad Street Golden Square.”  Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is widely seen as the first great work of English literature; it was the aim of poet and artist William Blake (1757-1827) to encompass this literary work in a single image.  A history of the engraving can be found in The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake by David Bindham (London: Thames and Hudson, 1978), held in the University Library at Murray Library.  The University Library holds many editions of the Canterbury Tales, from a 1477 William Caxton printing accessible through Early English Books Online to modern English editions and adaptations.

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