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Music: Piano

Research & Repertoire Guides

Guide description


This guide contains selected research tools for finding repertoire, recordings and literature for and about the piano. For further assistance with research in this area, please visit the information desk in the Education & Music Library.

Call Numbers for Browsing

Scores & Recordings

M21 - M22 Solo piano music collections
M23 Piano solo - Sonatas
M24 Piano solo - Suites
M25  Piano solo - Pieces
M26 Piano solo - Piano, one hand
M27 - M32 Piano solo - Variations and dances
M32.8 - 29 Piano solo - Arrangements and transcriptions
M200 - M215 Piano duets 
M311 - 312 Piano trios
M1010 - M1011 Piano with orchestra
M1110 - M1111 Piano with string orchestra

Music Literature

ML128 K5 Keyboard bibliography
ML128 P3 Piano bibliography
ML397 Collective biographies of pianists
ML 417 Individual biographies of pianists
ML650 – ML747 Piano history

Music Instruction

MT 220 – MT255 Piano studies and methods