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Music: Find Musical Texts & Translations

Online Resouces

How to find texts and translations in the library

Books of translation/transcriptions

Most translation resources are classed in the range ML47-ML54.8. You may want to try these other searches using searches in the library catalogue:

Song and vocal chamber music texts

Opera Libretti

Operas -- Librettos

To find the libretto of a specific opera, use the Advanced search in the Library catalogue:

  1. Enter the composer's name and words from the original name of the opera (e.g., use nozze, not marriage)
  2. Write librettos as a "Subject".

Translations in Scores

Several scores include translations, either singable ones printed with the music or poetic ones printed separately. To locate these scores use the Library catalogue:

  1. Enter composer and work/genre as keywords.
  2. Type translation*. (The * is a truncation symbol and will retrieve records with either translation or translations.)
  3. Select Score as the format.