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Music: Find Music Scores

Music Score Databases

Digital scores available online through subscription databases. Access limited to USask Library members only. 

How to find scores in the library catalogue

1. Use the Advanced Search option in the Library Catalogue.

2. Enter composer and title or subject keywords.

3. Select "Musical Score" from the Material Type menu.

How to find scores in the "complete works" using Grove

1. To locate individual items in a composer's collected works using Grove Music Online, first select the "Works" tab under the entry for the composer. 

2. Notice the list of complete works editions available for this composer at the top of the page, and the abbreviation for each one.

3. Navigate to the entry for the piece of music you are trying to locate. [hint: use CTRL-F to search the contents of the page]

4. Look to the right-hand columns to note the location of this piece within the complete works. The entry will usually include volume and page number.

5. Locate the complete works for this composer on the shelf and find the corresponding volume and page number. All complete works are located in the M3 section of the library and organized alphabetically by composer name (i.e. Mozart complete works have the call number M3 M, Schubert works have M3 S, etc.)

Where to find scores?

Music scores can be found in different locations in the Music Library, in databases, or websites. Use this guide to find scores in music databases, Education & Music Library collections, in the complete works and collected editions, and public domain scores in websites.

Music Score Websites

Websites that offer FREE access to digitized scores online.