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All students can access free drop-in tutoring at the Writing Help Centre (Murray 142) and at the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Centre (Room 230). Students can also receive free online writing help

Note: Tutors cannot edit or proofread (i.e., correct the grammar and punctuation) your paper. They can teach you about writing, though, using your work as an example of writing issues you may need to work on.  We cannot edit or proofread theses or dissertations.


The Writing Help Centre offers a number of workshops each year, including workshops for graduate students. We also host regular Research and Write Night events, where students can come to work for four hours on a paper, sustained by coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and tutoring support. 

To request handouts, slides, or recordings, please email the Writing Help Coordinator.

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Writing Help Coordinator

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Liv Marken
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