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Writing Help: Teaching Writing

Teaching Writing

Image Credit: Queen's University, CC BY-NC-ND

Note to Instructors

To protect student confidentiality, and to encourage a positive and trusting relationship with students, the writing centre won't confirm whether specific students have used our services unless they give us permission.
For large classes, we do not have the tutoring hours to help every student within a short period of time. Instead of requiring students to use writing centre services, please persuade or encourage them to seek help if they need it. We are also happy to arrange for a workshop for your students, either in class or in the library. If possible, we can give your students access to a recording of the workshop, and any past workshops.

Classroom Visits

Image: WOCinTech CC-BY 2.0

If you are a professor or TA and would like a classroom visit from our staff, please email the SLS Writing Help Centre to make arrangements.

Visits are typically about ten minutes long and consist of the writing centre coordinator or tutor explaining the Writing Help services on campus and answering questions from students. Custom workshops can also be arranged.

Note: Tutors cannot edit or proofread (i.e., correct the grammar and punctuation) a student's paper. They can teach the student about writing, though, using their work as an example of areas of strength and weakness.  We cannot edit or proofread theses or dissertations. 

Writing Across the Curriculum

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