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Writing Help: Citation and Formatting


Photo Credit: WOCinTech CC-BY 2.0

Choosing a Style

Check with your professor to determine which style is required for your assignment. If you are submitting for publication, check the journal's submission guidelines.

Templates for Citing Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders

Artificial Intelligence: Citation and AI Text Generators such as ChatGPT

Always check with your instructor, supervisor, or orospective publisher for clarity on the citation of ChatGPT and similar tools. Some scholars suggest that you cite what ChatGPT (and similar tools) generates according to a guide's recommendation for "personal communication" or "correspondence." However, many others may object to that approach based on the fact that ChatGPT is non-human and therefore cannot be cited as an author.

Formatting: MLA, CMS, & APA Sample Papers

Workshop Recordings