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Image Credit: Public Domain

Writing Centre Policy on AI Writing Tools

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information, tools, and compilations listed in this guide are not endorsed by the Writing Centre. Please read our policy, and keep in mind the following:

1) It is essential to obtain permission from instructors, supervisors, prospective publishers or any other stakeholders before utilizing generative AI tools such as ChatGPT. This ensures that you preserve learning and that you use resources responsibly, ethically, and lawfully, while also respecting the privacy of individuals and upholding intellectual property rights including Indigenous Knowledges.

2) Furthermore, before using any AI-powered tools, it is crucial to learn more about the ethical issues around generative artificial intelligence, including considerations around privacy, bias and discrimination, fabrications, environmental concerns, human labour, and academic integrity. These and other ethical concerns are outlined in plain language in a post by Leon Furze.