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Geology: GSA Publications

Geological Society of America

Major Publications of the GSA:

Geology (the journal)

GSA Bulletins

  • Online Vol 1 (1890) - present
  • Print in Library: Geological Society of America bulletin QE1 .G35B9 Vol 1-89; Vol 90-120

GSA Abstracts with Programs

GSA Memoirs

GSA Special Papers

GSA Field Guides

Special Instructions for accessing the online versions of GSA Memoirs, Special Papers, and Field Guides:

These publications are catalogued individually as ebooks in our collection. So, if you know the title of a particular publication enter that into the catalogue or USearch search box, this should also show if we have a print version. If you want to browse all the available publications in each series online then access through the GeoScienceWorld platform (link below). Browse to the book series of interest by selecting Books > Publisher > Book Series. You will also see other lesser known GSA book series here too!