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Geology: For Instructors

Streaming Videos for the Classroom

Creating a Direct/Persistent Link

To create a direct or persistent link you will need to know the the DOI or permanent URL of the book or article you want to link to. 

Once you have this information you can use this form to create a new direct link that will allow for off-campus access.
NOTE #1:
If your DOI or permanent URL already has one these prefixes, you do not need to complete the next step as the URL has already been formatted to allow for off-campus access:

NOTE #2:
If your DOI has the following prefix preceding the DOI number "", remove this prefix first and then proceed to the step below.


Selected Books on Teaching

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Reserves for Courses

Place books on reserve for your students at the Science Library!

Other Resources for Instruction

Teach the Earth provides access to resources for improving education in the geosciences and other areas of science and technology. Recipient of the 2012 Best Geoscience Website Award. 

USGS Educational Resources. This site contains selected USGS educational resources that may be useful to educators at the undergraduate level.