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USask Library and Archival Resources: Sexual and Gender Diversity

A guide to the resources available in the University Archives and Special Collections on Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Archival Materials Relating to the USask Campus

These are the archival collections in the University Archives and Special Collections that pertain to sexual and gender diversity and the USask campus, including those of individuals as well as clubs and organizations. They are listed below with links to their database records.

Doug Wilson fonds - MG 653

Doug Wilson was a University of Saskatchewan Alumni who was suspended as a supervisor of practice teaching in public schools, on the grounds of his open admission of his homosexuality and his public involvement in the gay liberation movement. Wilson placed a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, however the inquiry was never held, as the Court of Queen's Bench ruled that sexuality was not covered by The Fair Employment Practices Act.

Greystone Secrets: A Queerstorical Campus Walking Tour fonds - MG 573

In 2013 a "Queerstorical" tour of the University of Saskatchewan campus was given.

Neil Richards fonds - MG 355

Born and educated in Ontario, but based in Saskatchewan since 1971, Neil Richards was an active participant in local, provincial and national gay organizations since the early 1970s. He produced many exhibitions and public events concerning AIDS and gay history and life. As an employee of the University of Saskatchewan Library, and throughout retirement, he cultivated the University Archives and Special Collections LGBTQ holdings, and is responsible for acquiring many of the collections described on this guide.

Peter Millard fonds - MG 47

Peter Millard was a professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan and was involved in human rights, in particular gay rights and sexual discrimination.

USSU LGBTA Centre fonds - MG 357

Funded by the Students’ Union but maintained and operated by volunteers, the Centre was created to provide information, support, and advocacy around sexual and gender diversity issues for all students at the University of Saskatchewan. In 2007, the Centre’s name was changed to the USSU Pride Centre.

MG 355, Neil Richards fonds, 2018-168, Box 141, USSU

MG 355, Neil Richards fonds, 2018-168, Box 141, U of S