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USask Library and Archival Resources: Sexual and Gender Diversity

A guide to the resources available in the University Archives and Special Collections on Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Archival Materials Relating to Literature and Publishing

These are the archival collections in the University Archives and Special Collections that pertain to sexual and gender diversity and literature/publishing. Materials listed here include, but are not limited to, books, periodicals, and articles which contain information or themes of gender and sexual diversity.

Here is a brief overview of those collections, with links to their entries in our database.

Gens Hellquist fonds - MG 549

Gens Hellquist was a gay rights activist and played a prominent role in the formation of a cohesive LGBT community in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Along with health and gay rights materials this fonds contains an extensive pornography collection ranging from magazines to videos to other types of pornographic materials. He also established Perceptions, Saskatoon's first LGBT publication which ran from 1983-2013.

Mona Holmlund fonds - MG 417

Monda Holmlund is an Alumni and was a professor at the University of Saskatchewan. She wrote a book called Women Together : Portraits of Love, Commitment, and Life which was based on interviews with couples throughout North America, including those involved at the time with changes to legislation regarding same-sex marriages, etc.

Neil Richards fonds - MG 355

Born and educated in Ontario, but based in Saskatchewan since 1971, Neil Richards was an active participant in local, provincial and national gay organizations since the early 1970s. He produced many exhibitions and public events concerning AIDS and gay history and life. As an employee and throughout retirement he cultivated the University Archives and Special Collections LGBTQ holdings, and is responsible for acquiring many of the collections described on this guide.

Robin Maugham fonds - MG 464

Robin Maugham was a writer, much of whose works are related to themes of Homosexuality.

See also the Neil Richards Collection of Gender and Sexual Diversity.

MG464, Robin Maugham, Box 2, II. A. 1