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USask Library and Archival Resources: Sexual and Gender Diversity

A guide to the resources available in the University Archives and Special Collections on Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Alphabetical List

This is a list of all the collections that we have identified as having a significant amount of material relating to LGBTQ issues and history. Those without links have not yet been added to our database. Please contact us at for more information about these collections.

AIDS Saskatoon fonds - MG 315

Aids Saskatoon was founded in 1986 as a volunteer, non-profit, charitable agency with a mission to work with and provide support to those affected by HIV/AIDS and to educate and inform the public about the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Avenue Community Centre fonds - MG 535

The Avenue Community Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity was originally incorporated in 1991 as Gay & Lesbian Health Services, a non-profit agency in Saskatoon working to address health and social issues in the LGBT2Q community. In 2015 its name changed again to OUTSaskatoon.

Charles Dobie fonds - MG 439

Charles Dobie worked as a photographer for the underground alternative newspaper, Guerilla, and was one of the founders of the Body Politic. This fonds consists of images taken by Charles Dobie at the Fifth National Gay Conference, "Towards a Gay Community," held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from June 29 to July 3, 1977.

Cross-dressing in Saskatchewan collection - MG 311

This collection consists of programs, posters, photographs, video recordings and artifacts documenting the development of gay drag in Saskatchewan. The materials are primarily from Saskatoon with some from Regina, and most date from 1984 to 2004.

Don Cochrane fonds - MG 337

Don Cochrane was a chief organizer and founder of the Breaking the Silence Conference, which ran from 1998 to 2017, and explored LGBTQ issues in education.

Don McGuire fonds - MG 613

Don McGuire has been an advocate for the LGBTQ community in Regina, and nationally. This fonds contains materials relating to the history and work of Dignity Canada Dignité, McGuire’s published letters and other correspondence, together with articles and materials outlining the debate within the Catholic church (echoed within other Christian denominations) regarding homosexuality.

Donald McNamee fonds - MG 141

Donald McNamee was a fixture in Saskatoon's gay and lesbian community. Meetings at his house were used to help start the first gay organization in Saskatoon, the Zodiac Friendship Society (later, the Gay/Lesbian Community Centre of Saskatoon). In the early 1980s McNamee was one of the founding members of the Coalition for Human Equality (CHE).

Doug Wilson fonds - MG 653

Doug Wilson was a University of Saskatchewan Alumni who was suspended as a supervisor of practice teaching in public schools, on the grounds of his open admission of his homosexuality and his public involvement in the gay liberation movement. Wilson placed a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, however the inquiry was never held, as the Court of Queen's Bench ruled that sexuality was not covered by The Fair Employment Practices Act.

Evelyn Rogers and Lilja Stefansson fonds - MG 641

This collection contains material relating to the life of Lilja Stefansson, mainly her life with Evelyn Rogers. It contains a lot of writing by Lilja as well as Evelyn which documents their lives, as well as clippings, correspondence and other documents.

Fiji Robinson fonds - MG 651

Fiji Robinson sang in an a capella group called "The Quinlan Sisters" and another group called "The Fabulous Sirs" with Peter McGehee.

Gens Hellquist fonds - MG 549

Gens Hellquist was a gay rights activist and played a prominent role in the formation of a cohesive LGBT community in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Along with health and gay rights materials this fonds contains an extensive pornography collection ranging from magazines to videos to other types of pornographic materials.

Greystone Secrets: A Queerstorical Campus Walking Tour fonds - MG 573

In 2013 a "Queerstorical" tour of the University of Saskatchewan campus was given.

LGBT Movie Poster Collection - MG 540

This collection consists of promotional materials for films with a homosexual, bisexual, or transgender component, in terms of characters or theme. Both documentaries and feature films are included.

Mona Holmlund fonds - MG 417

Mona Holmlund is an Alumni and was a professor at the University of Saskatchewan. She wrote a book called Women Together : Portraits of Love, Commitment, and Life which was based on interviews with couples throughout North America, including those involved at the time with changes to legislation regarding same-sex marriages, etc.

Neil Richards fonds - MG 355

Born and educated in Ontario, but based in Saskatchewan since 1971, Neil Richards was an active participant in local, provincial and national gay organizations since the early 1970s. He produced many exhibitions and public events concerning AIDS and gay history and life. As an employee and throughout retirement he cultivated the University Archives and Special Collections LGBTQ holdings, and is responsible for acquiring many of the collections described on this guide.

Nils Clausson - Guy Michaud collection - MG 620

This collection contains materials related to AIDS Regina and the dramatic productions initiated by them as fundraisers / education. An outreach of that work was the formation of Oscar Wilde & Company. This collection includes scripts, posters, and programmes; and by extension documents the collaboration between Nils Clausson and Guy Michaud, who established the first gay theatre company in Saskatchewan.

Peter and Murray Corren fonds - MG 446

This has not yet been processed. Please contact us for more information.

Peter McGehee fonds - MG 652

Was an actor, performer, and writer who was born in the States but moved to Saskatoon to join his partner, Doug Wilson. He was a part of the Quinlan Sisters with Fiji Robinson, developed a one-man show, and published novellas and short stories.

Peter Millard fonds - MG 47

Peter Millard was a professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan and was involved in human rights, in particular gay rights and sexual discrimination.

Rainbow Health Coalition fonds - MG 521

Yet to be proccessed. Please contact for more information.

Robin Maugham fonds - MG 464

Robin Maugham was a writer, much of whose works are related to themes of Homosexuality.

Saskatchewan AIDS Network fonds - MG 294

The Saskatchewan AIDS Network (SAN) was a coalition of community-based organizations dedicated to responding to HIV/AIDS at the provincial level through the development and maintenance of community partnerships. It ran from 1994-2003.

USSU LGBTA Centre fonds - MG 357

Funded by the Students’ Union but maintained and operated by volunteers, the Centre was created to provide information, support, and advocacy around sexual and gender diversity issues for all students at the University of Saskatchewan. In 2007, the Centre’s name was changed to the USSU Pride Centre.

USSU Student Help Centre fonds - MG 142

A Student Union run centre, these files have information on gender-neutral language, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and other issues.