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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Learning Activities

Academic Integrity Skill Set Questionnaire

Having an academic integrity skill set is being able to identify and develop the key academic skills that are associated with misconduct prevention.  To determine if there are gaps in your academic integrity skill set, complete this questionnaire. Based on the gaps you identify, follow the links within each question to locate the supports and services that are available on campus to help you develop those skills.

Click the Review button for the feedback page to appear then return to this page to complete the tutorial.

Accessing Services and Supports

Are you aware of all the services and supports that are available at the university to help you be successful? In addition to academic skills support, there are ways to access coursework and personal support as well.

The following table provides a list of some of these services and supports. Click on the hotspots to reveal a description of each.​

Study Smarter, Not Harder - Getting to Know Yourself

An important part of your academic journey is getting to know yourself better. Being able to identify your learning style or your mindset, your academic strengths as well as your weaknesses can help you evaluate your needs and identify the supports you require. Explore some of the self assessment tools below to understand what your needs are, to learn how to study smarter (not harder), but above all, to prepare yourself for a full, enjoyable and successful university experience.