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Academic Integrity Tutorial: The Big Picture

Before You Begin

Before you begin, think about what constitutes academic misconduct. Look at the list below. If you were to rank these from least severe to most severe, which would be the worst?

  • Using a chatbot to complete an assignment without prior permission
  • Collaborating with others on an individual assignment
  • Making up a citation or a reference
  • Copying answers from a friend's homework
  • Using an excuse to request an extension
  • Paying someone or a service to complete your assignment

Take a moment to reflect on why some forms of academic misconduct seem less serious than others.

Watch the following video about rationalizations. It sheds some light on why we may behave ethically in some situations and not others.

Source: Rationalizations - Ethics Unwrapped McCombs School of Business is part of a free online educational video series about ethics
licensed through YouTube by The University of Texas at Austin.