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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Before you Begin

The Big Picture

Before you begin, ask yourself whether you have ever

  • downloaded music from the internet?
  • cheated on a test?
  • made up a citation or reference?
  • copied a friend's homework?
  • left a restaurant without paying?

If you were to order these from least severe to most severe, which would be at the top? Consider why some acts of dishonesty seem less serious than others.

Watch the first 5:30 minutes of the RSA Animate video below. It questions some of the notions we have about honesty and dishonesty. Think about how the idea of psychological distance (explored in the video) equates with our ability to rationalize some acts of dishonesty and not others. It may be helpful to make a few notes about how the topics in the video relate to academic honesty/dishonesty. 

Do you agree with Dan Ariely's idea that we all have the capacity to be dishonest?