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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Learning Outcomes

Preparing for Academic Success

One of the biggest challenges that university students face is feeling unprepared to engage in academic research, writing and learning. Tackling your academic assignments might seem daunting at first, and you may not know where to begin. You may feel confused and unsure about finding the resources you need and where to go for help. 

Don’t worry, this is a normal experience for many students. But being a university student represents a remarkable opportunity to grow and learn. It is an opportunity not only to learn about yourself but to become a contributing member of a larger educational community. This means understanding your role as an academic scholar and contributing ethically to academic scholarship. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to

  • Distinguish between scholarly conversations and social conversations, scholarly information and popular information
  • Identify the key academic skills associated with academic integrity and the prevention of academic misconduct
  • Identify gaps in your own academic skill set that might inadvertently lead to taking shortcuts when completing assignments 
  • Recognize the importance of a growth mindset in developing your academic skill set 
  • Identify the services and supports that are available to help students develop their academic integrity skill set